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Collection And Use Of Personal Information
You can browse this website without having to provide any information to Àrakö.

However, Àrakö is required to collect personal information in the following cases :

You buy, order, return or exchange items ;

You subscribe to the mailing list or to receive other business communications ;

You sign up for the website ;

You participate in one of the contests or promotions, or respond to a survey ;

You give a comment or a question to the customer service by e-mail.

f you pay for purchases through this website, Àrakö can collect your billing and shipping address, your phone number and e-mail address in order to be able to deliver the products ordered.

Communication Of Personal Information
Unless otherwise stated herein, Àrakö agrees not to disclose, rent, sell or otherwise transfer to third parties, or exchange with third parties, personal information concerning its customers without prior consent.
However, Àrakö may disclose your personal information to third parties who provide services on their behalf, such as processing payments, the hosting of its website, the transmission of emails or other communications to account, the organization of contests and promotions or the analysis of the effectiveness of its advertising strategy.
Your personal information may be retained and processed in the United States by companie’s members of the Àrakö group and third party service providers. These services are bounded by non-disclosure agreements and legal restrictions governing their use of the information that Àrakö communicates to them, and they are not allowed to use or disclose personal information for purposes other than the provision of services to the account of Àrakö or as otherwise required by applicable law.

Statutory obligations : The service providers of Àrakö and Àrakö will be constrained to disclose your personal information under a warrant of search or a valid inquiry or order provided for by law or in order to respond to an investigating body in the event of breach of contract or contravention of a law, or otherwise under applicable law.

Sale of company : Àrakö can transmit the information at its disposal about you in connection with a merger or sale (including the disclosure of information of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings) in which Àrakö participates in whole or in part or in connection with a restructuring or acquisition of shares or other changes of control of a company, as such information may then be considered as an asset.

Safety Of Personal Information
In order to provide you with an increased level of security, online access to certain personal information can be protected by the password of your choice. Àrakö recommends strongly not to communicate your password to anyone. Arakö will never ask for your password in an unsolicited communication.

Notwithstanding the above, you should be aware that, unfortunately, no data on the Internet cannot be considered absolutely safe. Therefore, Àrakö does not represent or warrant that personal information will not be lost, misused or altered, and does not assume any responsibility for the personal information you provide to us, nor with respect to the use or misuse of personal information by you or third parties.

In addition, Àrakö will never contact you to ask for information about your credit card number or your bank account. This type of information is transmitted to Àrakö only when you carry out an operation, contact Àrakö directly or change your account online. If you receive e-mails with a link to update your account information, do not click on this link. Access to your account directly at If a foreigner communicates with you, sends you an unsolicited e-mail or asks you to Confirm or provide your password or your personal or banking information, ignore the request and contact Àrakö immediately.

For safety reasons and to prevent fraud, orders paid by credit cards from this website will be accepted by Àrakö only if the name and billing address correspond to the name on the buyer's credit card and to the address indicated in his or her credit card record. If the information does not match, your order will be refused, even if the transaction has been pre-authorized by your bank. In that case, the amount of the reserved order can be recovered only when the credit has been credited which can take from three to five business days.

Cookie Use Policy
Àrakö, in conjunction with its commercial, analytical and technological partners, use certain monitoring and tracing technologies (such as cookies, tags, pixels, markers and scripts). These technologies are used to continuously preserve, provide and improve the services offered on this website and offer a better experience to the users of the website. Thanks to these technologies, Àrakö is, for example, able to preserve and trace authenticated sessions and user preferences on the website, to provide better secure services, to recognize technical problems, trends and the effectiveness of campaigns, and to monitor and improve performance of its services.

Note that third-party services that place cookies or other tracing technologies through services, may have their own policies on how to collect and store information. These practices are not covered by this policy and are beyond the control of Àrakö.

In order to function properly, some of these technologies require a small data files ("Cookie") is downloaded and stored on your device. By default, Àrakö uses multiple persistent cookies for session and user authentication, security of the user's preferences (e.g. language and default settings), stability of the connection (e.g. for media retransmission, the use of e-Commerce functionality, etc.), monitoring the effectiveness of services and campaigns and, in general, the delivery and improvement of services. If you want to remove or block any of these cookies, please refer to the support section of your Internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory in which it is kept. Information on the removal or control of cookies is available at (Note that this website is not provided by Àrakö, so that Àrakö cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or availability). Note that deleting cookies, or deactivation of cookies or tracing technologies, may prevent you from accessing certain areas or features of the services of the website, or to affect different ways, your user experience on this website.

Targeting & Retargeting Behavioral
Some third-party services and advertising networks are likely to display advertising on the website or to manage the advertising of Àrakö on other websites. These partners may use certain tracing technologies collect information about your services activities and various websites third-parties, to provide you with targeted ads based on your interests and preferences. You may choose to stop receiving targeted ads from some advertisers and by clicking here (or, if you reside in the European Union, by clicking here provided by Note that this does not allow you to choose to not receive advertising.

Flash & HTML5
Àrakö and some third-party services can also use some tracing technologies known as “Cookies Flash” and “HTML5”, especially for advertising purposes. Different browsers can offer their own management for the suppression and blocking of these technologies. For further information about Cookie Flash and HYML5 management information, go to :

(Note that this website is not provided by Àrakö, so that Àrakö cannot guarantee its accuracy, completeness, or availability).

User Data Supplementation
Àrakö is likely to receive information from other sources, including free-of-charge databases or third-parties from whom Àrakö has acquired data, and to associate information about you which Àrakö already has. This contributes to the development and the study of files, the identification of new clients, products and services that can interest you. If you provide us information about others, Àrakö will use this information only for the specific purposes for which it was provided.

'Do Not Trace' Signals
Note that Àrakö does not change its practices in response to a "Do Not Track" signal transmitted in the HTTP or mobile app.


Third-Party Websites
Please note that this policy is not applicable for cookie and website privacy practices belonging to third-parties to which this website may refer and Àrakö is not responsible for such.


Policy Updates
Àrakö reserves the right to modify services provided without prior notice and therefore this policy may be amended from time to time, this policy in order to inform about how Àrakö uses cookies.

To Join Us
If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, please contact Àrakö by e-mail at

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